You can’t do your job without your tools.

Tool and van theft is a significant concern impacting installers and businesses across the UK. The tools which tradespeople rely on are expensive and much sought after, which results in tens of thousands of tools being stolen from them every year in the UK. According to crime statistics obtained from the Metropolitan Police in 2020, less than 1% of stolen tools are ever recovered in London. (Metropolitan Police 2020).

Tool theft is not a victimless crime.

On behalf of Ring, Beacon Agency conducted a UK based survey in August 2021 of 485 professional installers. According to the survey, 63% of tradespeople had their tools or van stolen at least once, and they had lost up to £5,000 worth of work tools that they then needed to replace.

Understanding the impact of van and tool theft.

Over 90% of respondents in the survey reported significant disruption to their work or personal lives. Many of those surveyed had to replace the tools at their own personal cost, lost business, struggled to pay bills, and several even had to replace their whole van, having had it damaged or even stolen.

Protecting your van, tools, and business.

Ring’s mission has always been to make neighbourhoods safer. By bringing together like-minded organisations that share our mission, we want to shed light on the impact that van and tool theft has on people and their families. Our aim is to help protect against, prevent and deter tool theft through education and the use of home security devices and services.

We work with organisations that include other smart technology brands, industry publications, wholesalers, regulators, and others, to ensure that we’re communicating and assessing the impact of tool theft across the whole industry.

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