to the community.

Our mission.

At Ring, our mission is to make neighbourhoods safer.
We all play a pivotal role in this mission and we believe that when communities work together, we create safer neighbourhoods.

We work toward this mission in a number of ways. From making home security more affordable and accessible with our suite of products, to connecting local police with their communities, and supporting cities, community groups, and charities who share in our mission to make neighbourhoods safer.

Ring is proud to offer products, services and programs, designed with our neighbours front of mind, in a way that puts privacy, security and control in our users' hands.

It's our belief that when communities work together, safer neighborhoods become a reality. Our neighbours worldwide have shared countless stories with us over the years, telling us how their Ring devices have helped to keep their loved ones safe, bring them together, and provide peace of mind. 

From contacting family members to sharing their footage to help keep neighbours safe, and recovering invaluable items that have been stolen, we believe communication between neighbours and their communities can foster stronger and safer neighbourhoods. 

Real stories, real communities.

"It was Monday morning, [...] about 6am, and my phone alert went off to say there had been some activity on the front drive. I went to my Ring device, opened up the app, and the individual had jumped over the wall, attempted to get into both cars on the drive before then turning around and exiting the property. The beauty of Ring is that you can share the videos and you can share them instantly, so when the police came around to find out about the incident, I was able to a) show them the video but b) then send them the link so within a matter of a few hours, they had arrested the individual."

Matt, West Yorkshire

"We 3D print visors for the NHS for free; our district nurse collected another 100 today to distribute them where needed. We leave them outside so as not to breach the two metre rule, knowing that we’ll get alerted by our Ring Doorbell when she comes to collect them."

Mark, Lancashire

Ring in action.

We support a number of groups, including independent charities like Crimestoppers, Neighbourhood Watch groups,
and initiatives like Secured by Design, on our mission to make neighbourhoods safer.

“At Crimestoppers, we believe everyone has the right to feel safe, wherever they live. We are delighted that organisations like Ring share our charity’s values of making neighbourhoods safer.”  

Rodger Holden, Director of Business Development, Crimestoppers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who does Ring work with?

Ring works with organisations, including Neighbourhood Watch and independent charities, with a shared goal of making neighbourhoods safer, while putting privacy, security and user control at the forefront. 

Why do we work with these organisations?

We work toward our mission by supporting like-minded groups that share in our efforts to make neighbourhoods safer and make a positive impact on homes and communities, while keeping in line with our three pillars of privacy, security and user control. 

We're always looking at opportunities to work together with other organisations to make neighbourhoods safer, while continuing to innovate on behalf of our customers to make our neighborhoods better, safer places to live.

How do you work with these parties?

Ring has provided devices to these groups to support in making home security and peace of mind available​ and affordable​ to more people, to those who have fallen victim or are vulnerable to crime at home. 

Ring is customer obsessed, working on delivering best in class products and features that put privacy, security, and user control first. We are careful in designing any and all programs with you, our customers, at the forefront. We’ve seen many positive examples from Ring users, for example when choosing to download and share their Ring footage to support police efforts in the case of a crime at their home. We believe open communication is an important step in building safer, stronger communities.

As a Ring customer, you place your trust in us to help protect your home and community, and we take that responsibility seriously. We will continue to prioritise privacy, security, and user control as we pursue and improve technologies to help achieve our mission of making neighbourhoods safer.

Has Ring donated devices to the police?

At Ring, we're proud of the work we're doing to help make neighbourhoods safer. Ring has donated devices to a number of organisations and individuals after being approached to help support efforts in their communities. We design all products and programs with our three pillars of security, privacy and user control at the forefront. We believe that open communication between residents and public safety organisations is an important step in building safer, stronger communities.

Is my Ring footage shared with the police?

We are always thoughtful about how we design any and all community programs to ensure our neighbours always stay in control of their device, their personal information and whether or not they choose to share their footage, to ensure that their privacy is protected. Local police are never given access to users’ cameras or devices by Ring. 

In response to legal requests from law enforcement agencies, we will not, without the customer's consent, disclose video recordings unless necessary to comply with the law or there is an emergency involving imminent danger of death or serious physical injury to a person. We object to overbroad or otherwise inappropriate demands as a matter of course.

As a Ring user, you choose whether or not you want to subscribe to have the events captured by your Ring devices recorded and saved for your own viewing. If subscribed to Ring Protect, you choose whether or not to share your videos. You have control over what you share and where you'd like to share it. You can access your stored recordings, download them, manually delete them one by one or delete them all at once in the Ring app or on Ring.com. Stored recordings are automatically deleted following the expiration of your Ring Protect plan's applicable storage period. For additional information regarding Ring’s video storage, see here.

Is the Neighbors App available in my area?

The Neighbors App is only available in the U.S.

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