Santa returns to Galashiels.

Santa returns to Galashiels.

In 2020, we brought you the story of Jamie, who used his Ring devices to create some magical moments for his son Oliver. 

To add security to his newly purchased home in Galashiels, Jamie had installed a Ring Video Doorbell, a Spotlight Cam and Indoor Cam, which gave him the peace of mind he and his family was looking for. With the arrival of Christmas, Jamie came up with a plan for a festive surprise for Oliver, his young son. All he needed was a special red suit, a bushy white beard, and his trusty Ring Protect Plus subscription...


With help from Ring, Jamie captured a very special event for Oliver and created a new family tradition. This year, we caught up with Jamie to see whether he was still continuing the tradition. Jamie told us:

“We’ve still been doing the Santa videos, which has always gone down well. Last year, Santa had a face mask on and had the lateral flow test as well!”

Jamie has now added a visiting elf to their festive story. Balthazar the toy elf, likes to appear in surprising places around the house and has the important job of ensuring Santa knows which house to visit on the big day. Captured along with Santa on their Ring devices, Balthazar’s antics make the Christmas period even more magical for Oliver.

We are thrilled to learn that Jamie is keeping the tradition alive and we’re even more thrilled to know that Oliver is just as excited to see these special videos as he was the first time. 

“He’s still at a really good age, he’s still believing.” Jamie said.

Look after your whole home and be there for every magical moment this festive season, with Ring Video Doorbells, Security Cameras, Alarm, and the extra peace of mind that comes with Ring Protect.