Peace of Mind — Inside and Out – With Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren.

Peace of Mind — Inside and Out – With Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren.

 At Ring, we value customer feedback. We are constantly innovating on behalf of our customers, making your feedback an essential part of helping us make our devices as user-friendly as possible. It’s part of the process of building, developing and listening.

More customisable to suit your needs

With the introduction of Ring Alarm, we’ve made whole-home security simpler than ever before. Gone are the days of expensive security systems with complex installation processes and long-term commitments. Now you can create your own customisable, self-monitored, and affordable home security system to best fit your setup.

As always, we were eager to hear from you about how Ring Alarm suits your needs. We listened and applied your feedback, creating even more customisable solutions to help you personalise your home security system.

Today, you can order one of these solutions. 

Extra visibility for an added layer of security

Many of you were eager for an option that notifies your neighbours when your Ring Alarm security system is triggered. Now you can: Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren gives you a visible, audible outdoor solution that can be personalised to suit your home.

The siren is adjustable and can be controlled via the Ring App. Plus, Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren’s built-in LEDs flash red when your Ring Alarm is triggered, alerting you and your neighbours to a potential security issue. With its Dusk to Dawn feature available with the addition of any secondary power source) you can see your siren as an everyday security sign, illuminating white after dark for extra visibility for an added layer of security.

You can order Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren today via and Amazon for the introductory price of £49.00 until April 14.

Expanding your Ring of Security

In order to use Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren, a Ring Alarm Base Station is required. And there’s been developments on this front too: Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren works seamlessly with Ring Alarm, whether you have our first or second generation security system.

Wait a minute, next generation? That’s right, you can pre-order Ring Alarm (2nd Generation) today on Amazon or sign up on to be notified when it is available.

What’s new, you might ask?

Well, Ring Alarm (2nd Generation) comes with a sleek, brand new design that is made to fit any home, including a new look for the Keypad and redesigned, smaller sensors to support simple installation. It has also been redesigned to provide easy access to important security features. For example, you can sound your Alarm directly from the Keypad. And with Assisted Monitoring with Ring Protect Plus, the one-touch emergency buttons on the Keypad can now notify three nominated emergency contacts if there is a medical issue or a fire.

The Keypad’s Modes buttons allow you to simply set your Alarm to Disarmed, Home, or Away Mode, depending on your needs. In the same way you could with our original Ring Alarm, you can connect all of your Ring devices for an extra layer of security. With Disarmed Mode you can for example disarm all of your Ring devices, making sure that your Video Doorbell or cameras are not detecting motion. Home Mode is convenient if you are perhaps heading to bed and are looking to monitor just the outside of your home.

Of course, some things never change: Ring Alarm (2nd Generation) is still affordable, commitment-free and does not require professional installation, drilling or any permanent modifications to your home.

Curious to get started and build out your whole-home security? For smart security that suits your setup, don’t miss out on our bundles.


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