Neighbour Story - Iain from Bristol.

Neighbour Story - Iain from Bristol.

Iain’s new home is an attractive but secluded house, tucked away in a small Bristol village. With a young family to look after, the reassurance that comes from a dedicated security system is a top priority for him. So after moving in, Iain set about installing a Ring Video Doorbell, Floodlight Cams and a Ring Alarm to help protect the rest of the house.

We had only recently moved in to the house and as it was more secluded than our previous property, I was keen to get the Ring security system installed first to give me peace of mind. Iain told us.

Fast asleep one night, Iain was unaware that his Ring devices had prevented a potential car theft on his property. The next morning, Iain scrolled back through his event timeline in the Ring app and discovered an unexpected clip, captured by his Floodlight Cam. Late the previous night, while Iain slept, a group of would-be thieves, armed with bolt-cutters, could be seen approaching the cars on his driveway. As the group got closer to the vehicles, Iain’s Floodlight Cam detected their movement, triggering the powerful built-in LED lights. The moment the light came on, the intruders realised they had been seen and beat a hasty retreat.

The light did its job. The group was unaware of the camera and light and as soon as it turned on, they ran off. 

Concerned about what he had seen, Iain posted the clip to his neighbourhood messaging group and on their community social media page to alert his neighbours about the incident. Several of his neighbours contacted him to let him know they had also caught the group on camera.  

Having the footage available on the phone when we woke up the next day meant we were aware of the issue and were able to alert our local community and the police to this activity.

After sharing the footage with the police, Iain later learned that while the group had attempted to gain entry to several other properties, they were eventually apprehended. Knowing that his Ring devices had deterred a car theft, even while they were sleeping, gives Iain and his family peace of mind. Since they have a Ring Protect plan, they also have the reassurance that if something does happen, their Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras will capture it all.

Our mission of making neighbourhoods safer is central to everything we do at Ring, and it’s the reason we design and develop smart home security devices. Iain’s story demonstrates our mission in action and gives us even more inspiration to continue innovating on behalf of our customers. 

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