Make Your Home Work For You.

Make Your Home Work For You.

More than ever, our homes need to adapt to changing needs. One moment our home is a space where we can catch our breath for just a moment, the next it’s an office or games room. It's no wonder people are taking advantage of the convenience offered by whole-home security systems, so they can focus on the job at hand.

We want everyone to discover the convenience of smart security, so for the next two weeks you can save on selected Ring devices. 

Curious to see what convenience can do for you? Let’s have a look!

Be the first to know

Many Ring users let us know they were eager for a way to notify neighbours when their security system is triggered. With this in mind, we designed both Ring Alarm (2nd Generation) and Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren so you can now alert others in the event of an emergency.

You can use Alarm in various ways so it fits your circumstances and lifestyle. For example, Ring Alarm Contact Sensor includes a removable slim magnet for easy installation on any door or window frame in your home, providing you with audio or mobile notifications the moment a door or window opens. With Ring Alarm Contact Sensors installed, you’re always the first to know when one of the kids sneaks out while you’re stuck in that meeting you couldn't get out of.

If you’re still stuck in your meeting and you want to check if the kids are doing their homework, you can pop up the small -yet mighty -Indoor Cam. Ring Alarm (2nd Generation) and Ring Indoor Cam are now available as a bundle on so you can get started right away.

Watch your pet play

We’ve seen people use their Security Cams to keep an eye on their pets, as well as to check on how the flowers in the backyard are coping in hot weather.

Ring Stick Up Cams - available in Battery and Wired options - can be placed almost everywhere. They are a great way to check in on the living room to ensure that the dog is not ruining your couch while you’re doing laundry.

If it’s that kind of day and you don’t have the luxury of taking the dog for that extra long afternoon walk you’ve both come to love, you can at least keep an eye on him while he’s playing in the back garden. Ring Spotlight Cam - also available in Battery and Wired options - gives you crisp video day and night. Plus: if you catch suspicious strangers at your home, you can use the built-in security siren to scare them away.

Pick up your order later

Whatever you might be doing, deliveries always seem to arrive when you're otherwise occupied. That's no longer a problem with our Video Doorbells as they let you see whoever is at your door from wherever you are.

Sleek in appearance and bursting with features, Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 allows you to pinpoint on an aerial map view when and where a motion event begins, with 3D Motion Detection and Bird's Eye View. If you’re looking for a solution that can be powered from a standard electrical socket, Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Plug-In Adapter might be the right option for you. With its ultra-slim design and interchangeable faceplates, it has a finish to match the style of any home.

Whichever Video Doorbell you choose, from now on just ask the delivery driver to drop off the parcels at the neighbours' or leave them at the front door, so you can pick up your order later.

Want to make your home work for you? Discover the convenience of whole home security with savings on selected devices now.

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