Introducing Ring Alarm to the UK: Whole-Home Security at Your Fingertips

Introducing Ring Alarm to the UK: Whole-Home Security at Your Fingertips

Our mission to make neighbourhoods safer fuels everything we do. This very mission drives us to challenge old systems and continuously innovate.

We’re proud to announce Ring Alarm, the smartest way to protect your entire home, is now coming to the UK. Ring Alarm is the answer to traditional home security systems. We’ve made it smarter and removed the headaches, leaving you with an alarm system that works for you instead of against you.

Long-term commitments? None here. Expensive moving fees? Nope. Professional installation? Unnecessary.

Ring Alarm is changing the face of security systems, placing the power in your hands. It’s intelligent, easy to install and affordable for renters and homeowners alike. 

Whole-home security is now made incredibly simple. 

Get notified when Ring Alarm becomes available for purchase, or pre-order Ring Alarm today for £249 on

All the Pieces for Peace of Mind

Ring Alarm works seamlessly with other Ring devices to help you create an even more powerful Ring of Security. You can control it from the Ring app, so staying connected is easy.

The Ring Alarm 5-Piece Security Kit costs £249 and comes with all the essentials:

  • Base Station is the home-security hub that connects Ring Alarm to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Keypad lets you arm and disarm your Alarm system whenever you’re not near your phone.
  • Contact Sensor sends you an alert when doors or windows open.
  • Motion Detector notifies you when activity is detected inside your home.
  • Range Extender extends the signal from your Base Station to your Alarm components.

Start here with the essential components, but don’t stop there. Ring Alarm offers flexibility to customise your own system. Add more Contact Sensors to secure additional doors and windows. And get extra Motion Detectors to expand your security coverage to other rooms. 

24/7 Assisted Monitoring

Gone are the days of expensive security systems with long-term commitments. 

By subscribing to Ring Protect Plus, neighbours can enjoy Assisted Monitoring, cellular backup and 30 days of video storage, for just £8 per month, to stay connected and protected at all times. With Ring Protect Plus in place, Alarm users benefit from:

  • Assisted Monitoring to enable automated calls to three emergency contacts during an Alarm event, so a trusted contact can respond, even if you're unreachable.
  • Cellular backup for Ring Alarm Base Station in case the internet goes down.
  • 30 days of cloud video recording for all your Ring devices in one location.
  • Extended warranty for all Ring devices in one location for as long as your Ring Protect Plus subscription is active. 
  • 10% off all future device purchases.

So, with a Ring Video Doorbell protecting your front door, a Floodlight Cam overlooking your garden, and a Stick Up Cam guarding your hallway, add in your Ring Alarm and get all these benefits at no additional monthly cost.  

A Stronger Ring of Security

Working alongside our Video Doorbells and Security Cameras, Ring Alarm adds more protection to your Ring of Security from within your home. With Ring Alarm, you can now protect what’s priceless at a price that’s within reach.

“As we continue on our mission of making neighbourhoods around the world safer, it’s important to bring that peace of mind inside the home with effective, affordable home security. We’re excited to bring our DIY security system to the UK, making home and neighbourhood security affordable to everyone and freeing neighbours from long-term, expensive commitments. By combining Ring Alarm inside the home with Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras in and around the property, neighbours can customise a comprehensive whole-home security system that best suits their security needs, ”, said Ring founder and chief inventor Jamie Siminoff.