Holy Quick Replies, Batman!

Holy Quick Replies, Batman!

What do Batman and a Ring Video Doorbell have in common? They both work overtime to keep you safe. So with The Batman hitting cinemas on March 4th, Ring is paying tribute to the Caped Crusader with Batman-themed Quick Replies, available on eligible Ring Video Doorbells now and until March 21st.

Whether you can’t come to the door because you’re rubbing elbows with other billionaires, patrolling the rooftops, or just don’t feel like it, you can surprise your visitors with pre-recorded responses that celebrate the Dark Knight, like:

When you’re on your way:


When you’re not home:


When you’re home but don’t want to answer:


You won’t need a tech-savvy butler to set them up, either. It’s easy to add Quick Replies to your Ring Video Doorbell with a few taps on your Ring app from anywhere. When one of Gotham’s denizens shows up at your door and presses the doorbell button, they’ll hear your selected Quick Reply and can leave a bat-message with your doorbell. It’s like an answering machine for your door. You can tune in on Live View and see and speak to them in real time or, if you are a Ring Protect subscriber, you can access the video in your event history later where your video recordings are stored in your Ring account for up to 30 days.

So set up your Quick Reply, hop into your Batmobile, and head into town to see The Batman, only in cinemas March 4th. Robert Pattinson takes on the iconic role and tracks a cryptic villain through Gotham City, taking on a rogue’s gallery that includes The Penguin (Colin Farrell), Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), and The Riddler (Paul Dano.)

And while Batman might be forever, this feature isn’t. So be sure you get in on the action with Batman Quick Replies before they vanish into the night on March 21st.*


*OK, that makes it sounds more dramatic than it is. All that happens is that on March 21st your Quick Reply will automatically switch to the default message, “We can’t answer the door right now, but if you’d like to leave a message, you can do it now.” And remember, you can change the settings any time on your Ring app.