Have you found your inner peace?

Have you found your inner peace?

What do the words inner peace mean to you? Is it the feeling you get after leg day at the gym? Or the satisfaction of stopping on exactly £40 at the fuel pump? Perhaps it’s simply finding the one empty carriage on your daily commute?

At Ring, inner peace is the feeling our customers get when they know that their homes and their loved ones are happy, safe and secure. From Video Doorbells that let you see who’s at the door without leaving your bubble bath, to Security Cameras that let you check in on your favourite furry friend anytime of the day, you can achieve inner peace with Ring.

To help you find your inner peace, we’re going to take a look at a trio of devices that include all the features you need to stay connected and protected to home, no matter where you go. 

Inner peace starts at your front door

Battery Video Doorbell Plus comes equipped with all the features you need to achieve inner peace, starting at your front door. With a wire-free design for easy installation, Battery Video Doorbell Plus features 1536p HD Head-To-Toe Video, which gives you an expanded view of whatever’s happening at your front door. So no matter if you’re sunning yourself on a far-flung beach*, or soaking your troubles away in a relaxing bath, you can see who has stopped by and decide whether to answer the door.

As an added bonus for extra reassurance, Battery Video Doorbell Plus comes equipped with 3D Motion Detection and Bird’s Eye View, offering you an aerial map view that shows when a visitor arrived and where they went. It’s easy to find inner peace with Battery Video Doorbell Plus - install it, connect it up in the Ring app and then relax, knowing you can answer your door from anywhere.

Inner peace, outdoor security

If you like to enjoy your inner peace al fresco, then Floodlight Cam Plus might be the device for you. Floodlight Cam Plus is weather-proof, so it offers peace of mind in any weather and it comes with built-in floodlights, that let you shine a light on whatever is happening at home when the sun goes down. If an unwanted visitor turns up unexpectedly, you’ll receive an alert straight to your phone* and you can see and speak to them in real-time HD Live View and Audio+.

If you decide you really want them to leave, you can activate the built-in siren and send them on their way. Just like Battery Video Doorbell Plus, Floodlight Cam Plus offers the reassurance of 3D Motion Detection and Bird’s Eye View, to keep you in-the-know, wherever you go. Whether you’re dining out on date night, or curled up on the sofa in front of a movie, you can find your inner peace when you know you have things under control with Floodlight Cam Plus. 

Happy pets = inner peace

Perhaps you’re a pet-lover? If that’s the case then Ring has you covered too. Our tiny but mighty Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) is the ideal way to keep an eye on your curious cat, precocious pup or even your headstrong hamster. If your pet is a secret snack snatcher or sofa scratcher, you can set up Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) to alert you whenever they enter the room. Whenever and wherever you receive an alert, you can open the Ring app and see what’s happening, as it’s happening in real-time 1080p HD Live View. 

With the Two-Way Talk feature, you can let your furry friend know that they have been caught in the act, or just let them know you’re thinking of them. Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) also has a manual Privacy Cover which can be rotated to cover the camera and deactivate the audio, letting you keep what’s private, private.

This compact security camera simply plugs into a standard electrical socket, to provide peace of mind inside your home. Installation is easy too - Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) can be mounted on a wall, on the ceiling, or just placed on bookshelf. Achieving inner peace can be as simple as installing Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) to see what’s happening at home when you’re on the go.

Find your inner peace with Ring

So there we have it - three Ring devices, designed to help you find your inner peace. But it doesn’t stop there. A quick visit to Ring.com reveals a whole range of Video Doorbells, Security Cameras, affordable Alarm systems and smart intercom upgrades. No matter where you live and whoever or whomever lives with you, Ring security devices give you peace of mind that your home is connected and protected. 

Inner peace is finding your perfect security system from Ring.

* Requires a smartphone or tablet with mobile connectivity or a wifi connection. Click here for further information about connectivity requirements.