Geofence: Making Your Home Security More Convenient.

Geofence: Making Your Home Security More Convenient.

Ring devices are designed to make your home security simple and convenient. You want them to be helpful and there when you need them, and blend into the background when you don’t. Ring’s introduction of Geofence enables certain automations for the Ring App, such as receiving fewer alerts from your Ring Video Doorbell and Security Cameras when you arrive home, and getting reminders to switch your Ring Alarm and other devices to Away Mode when you leave. Geofence makes your home security more convenient and tailored to your personal preferences than ever, for added peace of mind.

Automated Alerts and Reminders

When you set up Geofence, you create an invisible boundary on your property. Once Geofence is enabled, certain alerts can be automated based on the location of your mobile device in relation to the boundary. Your mobile device provides location updates to the Ring App, which will then determine what alerts should be sent whether or not your mobile device is entering or leaving the boundary.

For example, if you enable Auto-Snooze for your Ring Video Doorbell during Geofence set-up, you temporarily won’t receive motion alerts as you walk up to your front door. Or, when you rush out the door and forget to change your Mode to Away, Geofence Arm/Disarm Reminders will give you a gentle nudge to switch your Mode.

Geofence works with our Video Doorbells, Security Cameras, and Ring Alarm. So no matter what your Ring security configuration looks like, you'll be able to automate your devices and get quick reminders that make life a little easier.

Protecting Your Privacy with User-Specific Settings

Your privacy is our priority. When you are using Geofence, Ring does not retain GPS data related to your movements and the Ring App only identifies whether you have crossed your Geofence boundary to determine which automations should be activated. Once Geofence is set up, the settings and alerts are only specific to you and your mobile device, so if you are logged in on other devices, or have Shared Users on your account, your Geofence crossings are not visible to them. You can also easily turn Geofence off at any time by disabling the feature in the Ring App.

How to Get Geofence

Ring Geofence is now available for all Ring device owners across Europe. Enable and customise your Geofence settings in the side menu of the Ring App, and get customised, convenient Ring App alerts designed to make your Ring experience better than ever.

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