Darker Nights, Brighter Lights: Easing Safely into Autumn

Darker Nights, Brighter Lights: Easing Safely into Autumn

The change of season is here. With this comes a shift in awareness. As the days become shorter and the nights longer, homeowners and renters alike are taking time to reevaluate their home security. 

Ring and independent charity Crimestoppers share their tips to help you protect your property this National Home Security Month. 

Illuminate dark corners

Burglars love the dark because it makes them less visible to passersby and neighbours. As a result, doorstep criminals can be especially active during nighttime hours when visibility is low.

By installing lights that turn on via a timer at night or that can be controlled via an app on your mobile device, you immediately make it more difficult for burglars to stay unseen.

One option is Ring’s range of motion-activated outdoor security cameras that come equipped with built-in floodlights, a siren alarm and two-way audio. Using these devices, you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property via your mobile phone, regardless of where you are.

With a siren that can be triggered through the Ring app on your phone, you can not only scare off unwanted visitors, but alert your neighbours as well, even while you’re away from your property. 


Bring presence back

The more visible your security solutions, the less likely it is that burglars see your house as an easy target. Adding cameras to monitor and protect your home will proactively deter unwanted guests from approaching the house in the first place, and bring presence back to your property, so you’re home even when you’re not. Take care when installing your devices to make sure you comply with relevant regulations.

Apart from this deterrent effect, Ring’s range, including Video Doorbells, Spotlight Cams and Floodlight Cam, give you the power to monitor your front door, driveway, or back garden directly from your smartphone, in real time.

Through the built-in motion sensors, you’ll receive a notification if there’s any unwanted activity on your property, so you can act accordingly.

Know what is going on around your home with Linked Devices 

With winter fast on its way, what does it mean to protect your home with a Ring of Security? 

First, it means your home security devices work in an efficient way - connected to one another, whilst all being controlled by you through a single app interface. 

With Linked Devices, you can see what’s happening from a single dashboard and control everything with one simple app, making your home even smarter.

For example, if your Ring Video Doorbell detects motion at the front door, it will automatically activate your hallway’s Stick Up Cam to start recording and capture any unexpected, incoming activity. Simply use the Ring app to connect all your Ring devices, choosing whether you want to enable recording or turn on lights when motion is detected by another device. 

Peace of mind, for less

From September 27th to October 13th, a selection of Ring Video Doorbells are on offer to help you start building your Ring of Security. With discounts of up to £50 on a Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell Pro or Door View Cam, why not kit out your front door this autumn? 

Already got a Ring Video Doorbell? Check in after October 13th for more deals to complete your home’s Ring of Security. 

Ring and the charity Crimestoppers are both on an aligned mission to make neighbourhoods safer, to keep you, your home and your community safe. Find out more about National Home Security Month and start to protect your property today.


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