Can’t Get to the Door? Now Your Ring Video Doorbell Answers for You.

Can’t Get to the Door? Now Your Ring Video Doorbell Answers for You.

Since we introduced the first Video Doorbell to the world, you’ve loved how easy it is to check in on what’s happening at your doorstep whether you’re upstairs with the kids, or out running errands. Now, we’re rolling out Quick Replies to our customers in the UK. Quick Replies is a new feature that makes your Ring Video Doorbell even more helpful by letting you select a pre-recorded audio message to play when your doorbell is pressed.

Automated Responses for Your Ring Video Doorbell

Quick Replies is an easy-to-use, helpful feature available on eligible Video Doorbells* if you can’t get to the door, or just don’t feel like answering. Once activated, customers can select a preset option for how they’d like their doorbell to respond. You can choose from a list of six preset responses such as “We can’t answer the door right now, but if you’d like to leave a message, you can do it now”. When your visitor leaves you a message, you can watch it in real-time using Live View, or if you are a Ring Protect subscriber, you’ll be able to access the message later by visiting your event history**. If you just want more time to get to the front door, you can also select from responses that ask the visitor to wait, such as “Hi! Please wait. It may take me a moment to answer”.

How to Set Up Quick Replies

Quick Replies will begin rolling out from today, and will be available to all UK customers with eligible devices in the coming weeks. After activating Quick Replies in the “New Features” section of Control Centre in the Ring app, you can select one of six preset responses for your Ring Video Doorbell, whether that’s telling a delivery person to leave your package outside or asking visitors to wait a few moments while you make your way to the front door. You can also decide how long it takes before your Video Doorbell should reply after being pressed, ranging from right away to 20 seconds.

At Ring we invent devices and features that not only improve home security, but also add convenience. Quick Replies is reimagining the answering machine so you never miss a thing. No matter where you are, Quick Replies helps make your life easier by making your Video Doorbell work harder for you. Learn more here.

*Devices eligible for Quick Replies are currently Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen), Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell 3, Video Doorbell 3 Plus, Video Doorbell 4, Video Doorbell Wired, Video Doorbell Pro, Video Doorbell Pro 2, Video Doorbell Elite and Door View Cam.

**With a subscription to a Ring Protect Plan, video recordings are stored in your Ring account for up to 30 days.

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