Ring Presents: Treataways

Your pooch won’t miss out when they’re home alone, thanks to Treataway from Ring - giving your pup the ‘paw-fect’ night in.

About Treataways

It’s never easy to leave your four-legged friend at home alone - 89% of UK dog owners feel guilty to pop out without their pup.*

While you can check-in on your best friend anytime (and anywhere!) with Ring’s Indoor Camera and Ring app, it doesn’t make saying goodbye any easier.

That’s why Ring is launching its new limited edition ‘Treataway’ service - a choice of three dog-friendly, takeaway-inspired meals delivered straight to your door, right before you head out for the night.

Available for a limited time this summer, Ring’s Treataway package is the ultimate three-course treat - designed to give you peace of mind and your furry bestie a great night-in without you.

*According to a survey by OnePoll of 2,000 UK adults who have dogs. The survey took place between 3rd to 10th of May 2024.

Browse the Menu

Has your pup ever begged for a slice of your pizza, or a bite of curry? Explore our drool-worthy Treataway menu, suitable for any four-legged palette - from teacup dogs to extra large hounds, there’s a meal for pups of any size, including complementary sides and drink pairings.
Main Course: Sushi

Main Course: Sushi

A variation of shaped seaweed and rice sushi pieces with steamed salmon, freeze-dried sardines, carrot and cucumber

Side 1: Steamed Dumplings Minced lamb, chicken liver, and chicken heart dumplings in a thin wheat pastry

Side 2: Ramen Bone Broth Chicken bone broth with lightly steamed carrot flowers, courgette noodles and bonito flakes
Main Course: Meat Feast Pizza

Main Course: Meat Feast Pizza

Beef, sausage, chicken, bell peppers and cheese atop a cauliflower pizza crust and beetroot red sauce with fresh basil

Side 1: Garlic-less cheesy bread made with coconut and wheat flour, egg, coriander and parsley

Side 2: Paw-not Noir 'Wine' Chicken bone broth and beetroot juice
Main Course: Lamb Rogan Josh and Rice

Main Course: Lamb Rogan Josh and Rice

Non-spicy (100% dog tummy friendly!) cooked lamb in turmeric yoghurt, beef stock, tomato, red pepper and beetroot sauce, with rice, peas, spinach, red pepper and green beans, served with coriander turmeric rice

Side: No-Onion Bhaji Grated sweet potato ‘bhaji’ cooked in beef fat, with coriander, egg, coconut and wheat flour

Drink: ‘Mango Lassi’ Steamed squash, yoghurt and chicken broth drink with crispy chicken skin garnish

What's in my Treataway?

Unlike human takeaways, Ring’s Treataways are crafted especially for dogs. They’re made to be healthy, nutritious and most importantly, tasty for your four-legged friends. All Treataway meals are cooked using 100% dog-friendly and dog-safe ingredients to create balanced and delicious meals. Our Treataway meals include single ingredient quality meats, organic whole foods, packed with vitamins, minerals and herbs, and high in fibre, salmon and coconut oils to help improve a dog’s skin, teeth and fur.

It’s not just physical benefits for your dogs inside our Treataway packages. You’ll also get: 

  • A rope toy to keep your dog preoccupied at home
  • A soothing, moisturising balm made specifically to condition your dog’s paws - for a night of pup pampering
  • Dog friendly content available on Fire TV , hand-picked exclusively for dogs 
  • 15% discount code for Ring’s Indoor Cam 
  • Advice on how to use your Indoor Cam to watch your dog enjoying their night

Place your order

Pre-order your Treataway to be delivered on Friday 14th June or Saturday 15th June in Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Manchester and they’ll be delivered direct to your door.

Once you’ve ordered, all you need to do is sit, and stay. Your order is only a tail wag away!

Pets in Action

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Whether you are home or away, stay connected with your pets and communicate when it matters most. With Ring’s Indoor Camera, you can keep an eye on your favourite companion from anywhere, at any time. 

Not only does Ring’s Indoor Camera offer features like Motion Detection, Live View and Night Vision to make it easier to keep an eye (and ear) on your pets from anywhere, but Ring’s Two-Way Talk feature makes it possible to have quick chinwag, whenever and wherever. 

With a Ring Protect subscription, you can even download and share any cute and funny moments with friends and family. 

If you’d love to get a Ring camera for your home (or want to add another camera to your existing set-up), inside every Treataway package is an exclusive 15% off voucher** for Ring Indoor Camera.

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