The Today Show Introduces Australia to Ring Video Doorbell

The Today Show Introduces Australia to Ring Video Doorbell

Just a few days ago, the Aussies got their first glimpse of Ring Video Doorbell, and judging by the reaction of The Today Show hosts, our mates from down under are eager to join the neighbourhood.

Ring was introduced to European markets this past week at IFA 2016, Europe’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. Out of over 10,000 new products unveiled at IFA, Ring Video Doorbell was selected as one of the event’s “Best Gadgets” by Today Show tech expert Trevor Long.

Featured alongside some of the biggest brands in consumer electronics, Ring was well-received by The Today Show cast, even eliciting a “wow” out of one of the hosts:

Although the official launch for Ring in Australia isn’t until later this year, that hasn’t stopped a few early-adopting Aussies from protecting their property with Ring Video Doorbells.


Take Jack from Albury in New South Wales as an example. He used Ring to catch two young vandals spraying paint on the entrance of his office:



And then there’s Bruce, who had a late-night visit from a stranger at his home in Douglas, Queensland. One look at the video camera in Bruce’s doorbell, and the crook quickly exits the property:



After finding success in North America and the United Kingdom, Ring is excited to bring smart home security and peace of mind to our Aussie neighbours. The official launch is scheduled for the festive season, so stay tuned for a big announcement!

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