The New Control Centre Empowers Ring Customers to Manage Important Privacy and Security Settings

The New Control Centre Empowers Ring Customers to Manage Important Privacy and Security Settings

At Ring, our mission is to make neighbourhoods safer. At the core of that mission are our customers––dedicated neighbours everywhere who are working together to make their communities safer. We believe that privacy, security, and user control are more than just ideas; they're the tools our customers use to help protect their homes, their loved ones, and their neighbourhoods. 

That’s why today we’re launching the new Control Centre, a feature in the Ring app that lets customers manage important privacy and security settings from one simple, easy-to-use dashboard. This feature can be found by clicking on the drop-down menu icon in the top left corner of the Ring app. With Control Centre, customers can:

  • See if they’ve enabled two-factor authentication for their Ring account. 

  • View and remove all devices and Linked Accounts authorised to log into their Ring account. 

  • Add and remove Shared Users on their account.

Security and privacy have always been our top priority. The new Control Centre is one of the many features we’re looking to introduce this year that helps give customers more command of their device security and privacy. 


View and Manage Account Security

Control Centre lists your account’s two-factor authentication status at the top of the new dashboard. If you haven’t authorised two-factor authentication before, it now takes only a few clicks in the app to easily access and enable this feature for added security. When two-factor authentication is on, you’ll need to provide the unique verification code that is texted to your phone number when you or someone else attempts to log into your Ring account. This reduces the possibility of someone accessing your Ring account without your permission.  

Rest assured, if you want to give any family members or close friends access to your Ring devices, you can still add them (and remove them) as a Shared User on your account from the Control Centre on the Ring app. No need to ever share your login credentials with anyone. Instead, have them create their own by adding them as a Shared User, ensuring that you are always in control of who has access to your account. 

Control Centre is also helpful for those who use multiple devices to access and control their Ring account — like a tablet at home, a mobile phone, or a computer at work. The new feature lets you see every device that's authorised to connect to your Ring account and easily disconnect all of them whenever you want. From Control Centre, you can also view and disconnect any individual app or service that links to your Ring account, like Alexa, when you need to.

What’s Next?

At Ring, we are committed to continuing to deliver important privacy, security, and control features to our customers. We take these matters seriously, which is why this is just the beginning. Future versions of Control Centre will provide users the ability to view and control even more privacy and security features.

Take a full tour of the new Control Centre now by clicking here or accessing it on the Ring app.

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