Stay Safe and Save Energy

Stay Safe and Save Energy

It's that time of year already: the days are getting shorter while the nights are slowly but surely getting longer. On days like this it feels more important than ever to have peace of mind, knowing your home and family are being protected. Did you know that you can save energy while you protect what matters most?

Ring makes going solar easy, while improving the Ring of Security around your home. All you need is our solar accessories to add to your Ring devices, access to direct sunlight and you can keep your home safe and secure, while at the same time helping to reduce your energy bill.


Courtesy of the Sun

As the night sets in early, get peace of mind to see who's at your door from the comfort of your couch. If you do so via a Ring Video Doorbell, saving energy is quite simple.

You can easily add a weather-resistant Solar Charger to power your battery-powered Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell 3 or Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus, using several hours of sunlight per day, courtesy of the sun, for free.


Charged Around the Clock

Want to know more about what's going on in and around your home? Our solar-powered security cameras make saving energy easy, while improving the Ring of Security around your home.

With Stick Up Cam Solar, you get non-stop power and protection in any weather. With just a few hours of sunlight every day, it will stay charged around the clock. No sun? No worries. The removable battery will have you covered, night and day.

Spotlight Cam Solar only needs a few hours of sunlight every day to keep itself charged. Rain or shine, the removable battery pack will keep your camera powered.


Never Run Out of Power

If you already own a battery-powered Ring device, such as Stick Up Cam Battery or Spotlight Cam Battery, you can simply add the compatible Solar Panel to start saving energy. The Panel simply connects to Spotlight Cam Battery and Stick Up Cam Battery for a continuous charge, so you’ll never run out of power.


Customise, Schedule and Control

The days may be darker but you can still use the sun to save energy. By using the sun to charge the batteries inside your devices you save energy, and with direct sunlight, your devices get a constant stream of power.

You can customise, schedule and control your entire system from one app, so that you use it only when you need to and save energy when you don't. Looking to illuminate the driveway? Only turn on the lights for you Floodlight Cam when motion is detected, saving power on always-on lighting. This way you can create a smart, reliable, custom home security system that helps you manage your energy use.

With Ring, create an affordable, easy-to-install network of smart, motion-detecting, solar-powered video doorbells and security cameras that will help protect the things you care about, while helping you save energy.

So go ahead and choose the Ring products that work best for your home and start building your own energy-efficient Ring of Security today.

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