Ring Launches Auto-Verified Guest: Secure Access for the Ones You Trust.

Ring Launches Auto-Verified Guest: Secure Access for the Ones You Trust.

At Ring, we’re always looking at ways to enhance the customer experience, to make your home work harder for you, and to improve your day-to-day experience with Ring’s products. No matter the feature, we do this in pursuit of our mission of making our neighbourhoods safer, for customers all over the world.

Last year, we announced Ring Intercom, with a new-to-world feature: Auto-Verify, designed to bring convenience, peace of mind, and security, to our customers living in apartments. A result of years of hard work from multiple teams worldwide, Auto-Verify lets you provide keyless, verified building access to the people and services you trust, straight from the Ring app. Now we're excited to add a new layer to Auto-Verify, Auto-Verified Guest, so Ring Intercom customers can provide trusted visitors, whether it's a friend, family member, or the cleaner, with a virtual Guest Key for secure, keyless access.

Expanding Auto-Verify for added convenience

We first launched Ring Intercom with Auto-Verify for Amazon Deliveries, which allows you to give verified Amazon delivery drivers time-bound access to drop off Amazon parcels* directly inside your apartment building’s entrance, lobby or parcel room. This means no more manually buzzing in drivers or worrying about letting in the delivery person for the apartment next door.

Auto-Verify for Amazon Deliveries simplifies parcel delivery for both you and your fellow building residents, so you can all benefit from interaction-free Amazon deliveries from trusted, verified delivery drivers - in line with the delivery instructions set out in each resident’s Amazon account. For an added layer of security, Amazon verifies the driver, route, and time of request, via multi-step authentication before granting them temporary access to your building. Once the delivery is complete and the driver’s time-bound access has expired, the driver is unable to re-enter.

Today, we’re proud to expand Auto-Verify through the introduction of the Auto-Verified Guest feature. Available to all Ring Intercom customers, Auto-Verified Guest lets you share a Guest Key with the people you trust, from your favourite dog walker or regular cleaner, to your family members who routinely come over and don’t want to wait around outside. Your trusted guests can unlock your building entrance using the Ring app on their smartphone without disturbing your day, removing the need to copy additional building keys, give out key fobs, or share your entrance code. Unlike Shared Users, your Auto-Verified Guests will not receive shared access to your device such as managing device alerts, answering the apartment intercom or viewing event history.

Auto-Verify was designed with user control and security front of mind. You decide when your Auto-Verified Guests can have access and for how long. You can grant access round-the-clock, on particular days or only between certain hours. Plus, you can change these settings at any time in the Ring app. Whenever a Guest Key gets used, you’ll get a real-time notification to your smartphone and it will register in the Event Log for your Ring Intercom in the Ring app. If you no longer want someone to be an Auto-Verified Guest, you can simply revoke their Guest Key at any time.

We’re excited to bring Auto-Verified Guest to our Ring Intercom customers in the UK and Germany**, and continue to provide an added layer of convenience, security, and peace of mind as we continue to raise the bar for home security around the world.

* Only orders delivered by Amazon Logistics are eligible for Auto-Verify for Amazon Deliveries.
** Auto-Verified Guest will be available to all Ring Intercom customers in the UK and Germany on March 6, 2023.