Ring is Now Part of the Amazon Family!

Ring is Now Part of the Amazon Family!

Back in 2012, Jamie Siminoff and a few recent college grads invented the Video Doorbell in a garage in Southern California. Over the past six years, the Ring Team has grown to become a leader in neighbourhood and home security with a singular mission: To reduce crime in neighbourhoods.

Today, we’re proud to make an announcement that promises to accelerate Ring’s mission while offering smarter security and greater value to all our neighbours.

Ring is now part of the Amazon family!

This partnership will provide Ring with resources that will allow us to continue to grow as a brand and develop even more innovative, affordable and effective solutions, making smart home security more accessible to neighbours around the globe.

“Our mission to reduce crime in neighbourhoods has been at the core of everything we do at Ring,” said Jamie. “Together with Amazon, we will accelerate our mission dramatically by connecting more neighbours globally and making our security devices and systems more affordable and accessible.”

While this partnership is truly the start of something special, Ring will continue to be committed to providing the best experience and most effective devices for all our neighbours. Even as Ring and Amazon continue to grow together, our number-one priority will never change: To reduce crime in neighbourhoods.

You can expect a lot of updates in the near future, including the introduction of the all-new Ring Alarm and the next-generation Stick Up Cam. In the meantime, here are some answers to a few questions you may have.

1. What will happen to the Ring brand?

Nothing! Ring will continue to be its own brand and support past, current and future Ring products and services.

2. So what will change?

Amazon will provide resources to the Ring team that will enable us to grow and reach more neighbours around the globe, and we will leverage the expertise of the Amazon team to continue to develop even more innovative and affordable devices to make smart security accessible to all.

3. What happens to my Ring account?

Nothing! Your Ring account and the Ring App will stay the same, so you’ll continue to have a superior Ring experience.

4. What happens to all my videos?

Nothing! If you subscribed to a Ring Protect plan, all your videos will still be stored to your account for up to 30 days, so you can save, review and share the videos with anyone at anytime. Learn more about Ring Protect here.

5. Who do I reach out to if I have questions?

Please continue to use the dedicated Ring Customer Support Team for any Ring-related questions, comments or concerns. Go to Ring.com to chat with an agent, or call us at 01727 263045.

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