Protecting What Matters Most, With Ring.

Protecting What Matters Most, With Ring.

Animal lover Ryan has always been willing to give vulnerable animals a chance to feel safe and secure. As a result, his house in Doncaster is now home to three dogs, three parrots, two chickens and a tortoise. Looking for a way to provide extra protection for his growing animal family, Ryan turned to Ring.

“I bought the Ring Doorbell; I bought the Floodlight Cam to cover the drive and I also bought the Indoor Cam” Ryan told us. 

Ryan was working at home one evening when he got a motion alert from his Ring Video Doorbell. Upon opening his front door, he was met with a man claiming to have a parcel for someone called Gary. Ryan was explaining that Gary didn’t live there when the man suddenly lunged at him.

“I pushed the front door back to stop him getting in. Little did I know there were two men hiding behind my porch.”

Realising that his dogs might be their target, Ryan stood up to the three men in an effort to protect his beloved pets. Alerted by the commotion, Ryan’s neighbours called the police, prompting the men to abandon their plan and run away.

“The whole incident took sixteen seconds. It felt like a lifetime.”

The police arrived quickly on the scene and confirmed that Ryan’s dogs were the likely target. Ryan downloaded and provided police with the footage from his Ring Video Doorbell and Security Cameras that gave a clear view of the man, which led to a swift arrest. 

Reflecting on the events of that night, Ryan told us that he was glad he had chosen Ring products to help protect his home. 

“Ring is so crystal-clear, the audio is so clear. It’s an easy product to install and it really helped me.”

Ryan has since let us know that his neighbours have also turned to Ring to help protect what matters most.

“After the incident I’ve had so many people asking exactly what doorbell I had. They wanted the exact same one because the footage was so clear”.

We're glad to hear Ryan and his dogs are doing well and that his Ring Video Doorbell and Security Cameras were able to help when he needed them most.

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