No cat-flap? No problem!

No cat-flap? No problem!

Amanda and her partner share their Norfolk home with a parrot, chickens, ducks and their beloved cat, Izzy. A playful, long-haired ginger cat, Izzy was only eight-months old when he found his own use for their Video Doorbell 3 Plus. 

Possessed of an adventurous spirit, Izzy likes to roam their garden and loves nothing more than an opportunity to climb.

We’ve got an orangery in the back of our garden and quite often you hear him meowing and you realise he’s on the roof trying to work his way down. Amanda said of her fearless feline.

During one of his many adventures, Izzy discovered that he could climb up the wisteria-covered archway that surrounds their front door and position himself right in front of their Video Doorbell 3 Plus. The advanced motion detection feature on the Video Doorbell spotted Izzy, alerting Amanda and her partner to let them know he wanted their attention.

Izzy soon learned that by perching on top of the letterbox and miaowing loudly, Amanda or her partner will have a chat with him using the Two-Way Talk feature, before coming to the door to let him in. Not only does this make life more convenient for Izzy, it also saves Amanda from having to fit a cat-flap in her glass doors. A win-win!

Amanda from Norfolk received her Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus as a gift from her mum two years ago. Both Amanda and her partner work full time, so they appreciate being able to see who is at the door and speak to delivery drivers when they are out at work. 

It is good when parcels come and you can tell them where to leave it. Amanda told us.

We’re always amazed to hear how Ring devices help our customers and their pets too! It’s incredible to think that this clever cat has managed to figure out how to use a Ring Video Doorbell to make life easier for themselves. It just goes to show how user-friendly our devices are! We’re also thrilled that Amanda shared her fantastic story with us. 

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