Jessi & Luke from Newport.

Jessi & Luke from Newport.

Nestled in the heart of the Isle of Wight, the town of Newport is home to Jessi and Luke, a busy couple who share their home with Jessi’s brother and one of Luke’s close friends. With so much happening at home, it’s not surprising that Jessi wanted to find a way to help everyone stay protected and connected. 

“We’ve had our Ring Video Doorbell for about a year. I wanted the doorbell just for general house safety really.”

Feeling safe and secure became even more important when Jessi and Luke learnt that they were pregnant. When the day came for Jessi to head to the hospital to give birth, it was only natural that Luke would want to capture the moment. As they left the house,  Luke turned to their Ring Video Doorbell, lifted up an empty baby carrier and announced:

“We’ll have a baby in here when we get back. Wish Jessi luck!”

When they returned from hospital a thrilled Luke held up the baby carrier once more, this time containing their beautiful daughter, Effie. Speaking into the camera, Luke excitedly exclaimed: 

“We have our baby now!”

Realising that they had captured an extra special moment in their lives, Jessi and Luke shared their poignant video on TikTok where it struck a chord with their followers. For many, it showed them that Ring Video Doorbells are more than just a smart security device, they can also be a way to capture memories and document important life moments as they happen.

“When we bought it, we didn’t see it being used for this. We’re capturing memories all the time.” 

Inspired by the video of Effie, their TikTok followers began suggesting ideas for further videos, including one idea that Jessi and Luke intend to undertake. 

“Someone commented that we could do it every year as Effie gets older - her 1st birthday, 2nd birthday. Hold her up to the Ring Video Doorbell and maybe make a little video of that as well.”

It wasn’t long before Jessi and the rest of her household discovered more uses for their Ring Video Doorbell. For Jessi and Luke, speaking to the postman and delivery drivers from their phone is another big benefit.

“If we get parcels to the house we can tell them where to put them. So we don’t miss deliveries.”

With the device set to notify household members whenever their Video Doorbell is pressed, they also began to use it to communicate with each other. 

“I’d see my brother on there and I’d say ”What are you up to? We’re just at the beach if you want to join us?“ 

With their Ring Video Doorbell now fully integrated into their lives, Jessi and Luke are happy, knowing that their household is connected and protected. The couple are so impressed with their Ring Video Doorbell they are letting everyone else know too!

“We have recommended the Ring Video Doorbell to all of our family. They’re so easy to set up. We absolutely love our Ring Video Doorbell.”

We’re thrilled that Jessie and Luke are enjoying every aspect of their Ring Video Doorbell and we are always interested to hear about the interesting ways people use their Ring devices. We hope you enjoyed their story as much as we have.

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