Is Your Dog Guilty of a Pet-ty Crime?

Is Your Dog Guilty of a Pet-ty Crime?

It’s well-known that Britain is a nation of dog-lovers but no matter how besotted we are, our cheeky canines have a habit of testing our patience. From chewing socks to grabbing a sneaky snack from the kitchen counter, these playful pups can cause chaos the moment they are left unsupervised. Our latest research* aims to learn more about the problem and to uncover which breeds are the biggest paw-petrators of these pet-ty crimes.

Perfectly imperfect pooches

Far from being a walk in the park, we quickly discovered that being the parent of a pooch can be quite ruff. A whopping two-thirds (73%) of those surveyed told us that their furry friends frequently got up to mischief whenever they were left unsupervised. When left to their own devices, the most common ways our dogs disgrace themselves include chewing on socks and shoes (48%), pinching food from the kitchen counter (38%), making themselves at home on a sofa or bed (35%) and even scratching up the furniture (31%).

Not the usual suspects

When it comes to committing these dastardly doggy deeds, it appears that some breeds are more likely to be a canine culprit than others. If you were expecting the energetic Border Collie or the high-spirited Golden Retriever to top the table then you’re barking up the wrong tree. When it comes to bad behaviour, our research revealed a somewhat unanticipated number one suspect. At the top of the list is the innocent-looking Greyhound, with the dashing Dalmatian and the beloved Bulldog coming in at a close second and third place. Despite being known for needing lots of exercise and activities to keep them occupied, Border Collies came in at fifteenth place and Golden Retrievers scraped into the top ten at number nine.

Reach pet paw-fection

With all of this in mind, it’s little wonder that over half (63%) of Brits would like to know what their four-legged friends are up to when they’re away from home. Unsurprisingly, a majority of them (70%) admitted that being able to check in on their pets would provide some much-needed peace of mind.

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*Ring commissioned Censuswide to poll a representative sample of 2,000 UK adults who are dog owners between July and August, 2022.