Introducing Ring Intercom: Bringing Convenience and Peace of Mind to Apartment-Dwellers.

Introducing Ring Intercom: Bringing Convenience and Peace of Mind to Apartment-Dwellers.

Our mission to make neighbourhoods safer drives us to continuously innovate on behalf of our customers. We’re always looking at how we can build products and features that not only provide peace of mind, but also add convenience to make our customer’s lives easier.

Ten years ago, we reinvented the doorbell, bringing customers the ability to see, hear and speak to whoever was at their door, from anywhere. Next, we reimagined modification-free, easy-to-install home security, with devices like Ring Alarm and Indoor Cam, so that both house- and apartment-dwellers, owners and renters, could add simple home security solutions regardless of their setup.

Today, we’re excited to announce Ring Intercom, the latest addition to our product lineup. Our mission requires us to invent solutions for all home types, not just single-family dwellings, and Ring Intercom offers apartment-dwellers added convenience and peace of mind. It’s a wifi-connected, battery-powered addition to your audio intercom. So, if you want to know who’s buzzing your intercom when you’re not there, you can add Ring Intercom alongside your existing intercom*, and stay connected to your apartment, whether home or away.
Answer Your Intercom from Anywhere

By upgrading the functionality of the intercom already in place, we’re offering a solution that lets you add the convenient, easy-to-use features that our customers know and love. It could be a friend popping by or a can’t-miss delivery while you’re out at the office. Ring Intercom sends real-time alerts whenever your apartment intercom is pressed, so you know who’s there even when you’re not. With features like Two-Way Talk, you can speak directly to whoever buzzes your apartment, using the Ring app. Plus, after verifying your visitor, you can use Remote Unlock to let them into your building – no more leaving friends standing outside in the rain, or rushing to the intercom to let in a guest.

Shared Access for the Ones You Trust

We’ve also built out our Shared User feature for Ring Intercom, so you can provide your significant other or housemate with access to the device via their own Ring account. This way, trusted Shared Users can buzz themselves into the building, talk to visitors who ring your intercom from anywhere, and even manage alerts, all from their smartphone. For added security, you can remove Shared Users via the Ring app at any time. 

Introducing Auto-Verify for Secure Access 

Ring Intercom’s Auto-Verify feature lets you provide keyless access to services and visitors you trust, so they can let themselves into your building, without needing to be buzzed in. 

We’ll initially offer Auto-Verify for Amazon Deliveries. Later, we’ll add the option for you to give virtual keys to regular guests and other trusted groups, via the Ring app. Enabling Auto-Verify for Amazon Deliveries will help make receiving deliveries even more convenient. Once verified, drivers will get time-bound access to securely drop off Amazon packages inside the building. With Auto-Verified Guests, your regular visitors, such as your cleaner or dog walker, will be able to let themselves into the building from their phone, without the worry of purchasing or keeping track of extra keys or fobs. You can revoke virtual keys via the Ring app at any time. 

We’re excited to keep building out Auto-Verify, to continue driving seamless, secure building access for the people and services that you value most.   

Keeping Privacy and Security Front of Mind

When we’re designing products, we start with you and work backwards, with privacy and security right at the forefront. With Ring Intercom, we’ve worked hard to give you, our customers, even more control over your building entrance. Ring Intercom uses the existing compatible intercom system in your apartment to trigger encrypted Two-Way Talk via the Ring app, so you can only answer calls when someone’s buzzing your apartment building door. Plus, the Ring app makes it easy to tailor specific privacy and security settings, with the ability to manage Shared Users, and enable and revoke access at any time.

Home Security, Your Way

We designed Ring Intercom with both apartment owners and renters in mind. Ring Intercom simply connects to your apartment’s intercom handset and requires no drilling or permanent modifications to your home. And, like all Ring devices, Ring Intercom can be linked to compatible Ring and Alexa-enabled devices to suit your home setup.

For added peace of mind, you can add camera functionality to Ring Intercom by linking it with compatible Ring cameras such as Indoor Cam. Or, for hands-free control, you can even combine it with an Alexa-enabled device like Echo Dot to answer your intercom and unlock your building entrance with a simple voice command.

Ring Intercom will be available for customers in the UK to purchase on September 28th, 2022, via and, for £119.99. Customers will also be able to purchase the device as a bundle, together with a Ring Quick-Release Battery Charging Station and spare Quick-Release Battery Pack, for £149.99, with an introductory price of £89.99. Shipping will begin on October 26th, 2022. Sign up at today, to keep up to date with availability.

*Ring Intercom is compatible with most audio intercom systems. Check the compatibility of your existing audio intercom here.