How Ring’s partnership with Secured by Design helps keep UK neighbourhoods safer

How Ring’s partnership with Secured by Design helps keep UK neighbourhoods safer

At Ring, our mission is to make neighbourhoods safer. We do this by making smart home security devices that are easy to use, to help families and neighbourhoods around the world to stop crime in its tracks.

To help further that mission, we work with partners worldwide with a shared goal of reducing crime and making neighbourhoods safer. One of these partners is Secured by Design (SBD), a police initiative that works to design out crime by improving the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live.

In 2017, Ring became the first company to have a smart doorbell system accredited by SBD (1). Ring Video Doorbell, Stick Up Cam and Floodlight Cam were all awarded the Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification (2). The devices were accredited by a technical panel consisting of a number of security industry experts. 

This accreditation, together with SBD’s ongoing support, accelerates Ring’s goal of reducing crime in neighbourhoods by providing products that help reduce crime through design. Products which have achieved SBD police-preferred specification have been subjected to rigorous testing and have also been fully certified by an independent third-party (3).

SBD Development Officer, Doug Skins, said: “Crime prevention has been a key part of policing since its inception and police forces all over the country are focusing increasingly on the importance of crime prevention and protecting those who may feel vulnerable, for example, through age, disability or because they live alone.”

“We are always pleased to embrace products of a high standard that help reduce crime and keep communities safe. Camera-based devices, such as those provided by Ring, can play an important part in crime detection and prevention. They help to deter criminal activity and enable people to proactively and efficiently ward off those who are acting suspiciously outside homes.”

Ring founder and chief inventor, Jamie Siminoff said “We consider it an honour to be working alongside Secured by Design and receive its well-respected accreditation. We see this as a testament to Ring’s dedication to reducing crime in neighbourhoods, while supporting ongoing efforts to beat the burglar.”

At Ring, our aim is to provide customers with products that add an extra layer of convenience and security to their home, giving them peace of mind wherever they are. We continue to build out our product range to offer effective, affordable home security that allows anyone to protect their property and prevent crime from taking place.”

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