Headstrong hamster holds-up holiday.

Headstrong hamster holds-up holiday.

The excitement of a family holiday often leads to a flurry of activity and a sense of anticipation as everyone prepares for their time away. But for one family, their holiday preparations were filled with anxiety and worry as they searched for their beloved pet hamster Rosie. 

Just days before the start of their trip to Rhodes, Stuart and his family discovered that Rosie had escaped her cage. As their departure date approached, the family searched high and low, leaving no stone unturned as they frantically attempted to locate their favourite furry friend. They eventually realised that Rosie had made her way under the floorboards in the kitchen, so they focussed their efforts there.  

We managed to track her down to the kitchen, but she’d made her way under the floorboards. Stuart told us.


Leaving food out in the kitchen failed to lure Rosie back and the family began to worry that she wouldn’t be found before the start of their Greek holiday. With stress-levels rising on the day before departure, Stuart had a last-minute brainwave.

"I had a bright idea to pull up a floorboard, put some food and a hamster tube down the hole and set up my Ring doorbell camera to alert me when motion was detected."

At this point the family were all packed up and ready to go, so locating Rosie became a top priority and Stuart was now anxiously awaiting the chime of a motion alert from their Ring Video Doorbell. Time ticked on and it began to look like Rosie wouldn’t be found in time. But suddenly...

"That night about 11pm, my phone started to sound off. We opened the app to see the hamster eating the food! We then ran downstairs, grabbed the tube and returned it to her cage."

Stuart’s unorthodox use of a Ring Video Doorbell might not be our recommendation for the device (we tend to think they work best when mounted at the front door!) but we’re very glad to hear that it came to the rescue.  

As Stuart told us: Ring saved the day and also the holiday!

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