Get your home match-fit.

Get your home match-fit.

Watch your favourite athletes without interruptions, with these handy hints and tips.

Stay in the game

The effortless way to answer your door, Quick Replies automatically play a pre-recorded message every time your Video Doorbell is pressed. Once set up, you can greet visitors without any of the action. Learn more about how to set up Quick Replies here.

Watch it all live

With Live View and Two-Way Talk, you can see what’s happening at your door, as it happens. Perfect for spotting the arrival of your takeaway, Live View and Two-Way Talk can be accessed in your device dashboard on the Ring app. Click here to learn more about Live View and Two-Way Talk. 

Another angle on the action

If you’ve got a Fire TV[1], you can get a picture-in-picture live view straight from your Ring Video Doorbell. With picture-in-picture activated, you can see what’s happening at your door without disrupting the most important moments of the match. Discover how to access picture-in-picture on your Fire TV here

Updates without interruption

Included with a Ring Protect Plan, Rich Notifications give you a photo preview of what’s happening on your Video Doorbell or Security, without opening the Ring app. So you can sit back and relax, knowing that you’ll know what’s going on without getting up from the game. Learn more about Rich Notifications here

Action replay

Ring users from around the world have captured some amazing moments, which they have shared with us to enjoy over and over again.


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1. Available on select Fire TVs.