From the front porch, to a new perch

From the front porch, to a new perch

Graham initially bought Ring Video Doorbells to help secure the front and back doors of his home. He had no idea the devices would soon help him keep track of some feathered friends.

Keen bird watcher Graham installed a bird box camera to follow the activity of a family of Great Tits that had taken up residence in his garden. Unfortunately, the bird box camera soon stopped working so Graham swiftly sourced a suitable solution - his Ring Video Doorbell. Graham discovered that the slim design of his Ring Video Doorbell allowed him to slide the device under the eaves of the nest box, giving him the perfect angle to observe the birds.

There for the moments that matter

After noticing a lot of activity at the entrance to the nest box, Graham installed his other Ring Video Doorbell there too! With that, he had every corner of the nest covered, thanks to Ring. It wasn’t long before he saw that something very special was happening.

 To my amazement, she started to build a nest! Graham told us.

Thanks to his Ring Video Doorbells, Graham was able to observe some truly memorable moments. Through the Ring app, Graham was able to watch the nest getting built from start to finish and eventually, the arrival of the first egg. There was then a period of anticipation as he waited for signs that the egg was ready to open.

My favourite moment was when the first chick hatched. You can learn so much from books and videos but to actually see for yourself on a day to day basis, you learn everything about them. It’s amazing. Graham explained.

Solutions for every family (even the feathered ones)

Naturally, Graham’s family wanted to know how the Great Tits were getting on and to see more of the video clips he had captured with the Ring Video Doorbells.

 My son-in-law has installed a Ring camera in a nest box identical to mine. Unfortunately it was a little late, although he did record Blue Tits showing some interest. Hopefully he will be lucky next season.

Eventually, the time came for the feathered friends to move on. So when the family finally flew the nest, Graham reinstated the Video Doorbells back at his front and back doors, ready to protect his own nest.

As Graham’s story testifies, with Ring you can stay connected to home, no matter where you live!