Discover gifts that keep on giving.

Discover gifts that keep on giving.

Get set for the holiday season with sensational savings on selected devices in our limited-time festive sale.

Be there for every visitor

With parcels arriving and family dropping by, your front door is often the busiest part of your home when the holidays arrive. Ideal for the gifting season, Ring Video Doorbells let you answer your door to visitors and delivery drivers from wherever you are. Right now, you can get big discounts on selected Video Doorbells in our holiday sale.

Wire-free Video Doorbells:
40% off Video Doorbell (2nd Gen)! Now only £59.99!
25% off Battery Video Doorbell Plus! Now only £119.99!
17% off Door View Cam! Now only £99.99!

Wired Video Doorbells:
17% off Video Doorbell Wired! Now only £49.99!
27% off Video Doorbell Pro 2! Now only £159.99!

Or combine with a Chime!
32% off on Battery Video Doorbell Plus + Chime! Now only £129.99

See the magic as it happens

We all want to be there for the special festive moments, but with so much to do and so many people to see, being there can be a real challenge. With a Ring Security Camera, you can see what’s happening, as it happens, whether you’re home or away. For a limited-time, you can save up to 40% on Security Cameras, while stocks last.

40% off Indoor Camera (2nd Gen)! Now only £29.99!
45% off Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) 2-Pack! Now only £54.99!
33% off Outdoor Camera Battery & Plug-In! Now only £59.99!
39% off Outdoor Camera Battery & Plug-In 2-PackNow only £109.98!
25% off Outdoor Camera Pro Battery & Plug-In! Now only £119.99
27% off Spotlight Cam Plus Battery & Plug-In! Now only £109.99!
25% off Spotlight Cam Pro Battery, Plug-In & Wired! Now only £149.99!
28% off Floodlight Cam Wired Plus! Now only £129.99!
27% off Floodlight Cam Wired Pro! Now only £159.99!

Safe silent nights

As the big day approaches, our houses become filled with friends, family members and of course, gifts. Naturally, we want to make sure we know what’s happening at home and know that we’re protecting what matters most. Designed for homes big and small, our Alarm packs are an easy, DIY way to add security, whether it’s in a large family house or a cosy apartment. Protect your home for less with big discounts on Ring Alarm this holiday season. 

33% off Ring Alarm Pack- S + Indoor Camera (2nd Gen)! Now only £179.98!
18% off Ring Alarm Pack - S! Now only £179.99!

And apartments too!

We know that for those of us who live in apartments, our intercom becomes just as busy when the festivities begin. With guests and delivery drivers arriving at any time of the day, it’s easy to miss an important package or a friend dropping by. For the ideal way to answer your intercom, even when you’re away from home, Ring Intercom lets you speak to visitors and buzz them into your building using your smartphone. Get set for the festive season, with up to 53% off Ring Intercom in our holiday sale.

50% off Ring Intercom! Now only £49.99!
40% off Ring Intercom + Quick Release Battery Pack! Now only £74.99!
40% off Ring Intercom, Quick Release Battery Pack + Charging Station! Now only £89.99!
50% off Ring Intercom + Indoor Camera (2nd Gen)! Now only £74.99!
45% off Ring Intercom + Door View Cam. Now only £119.99!

Don’t miss your chance for sensational seasonal savings from Ring.

Offers end at midnight GMT on Tuesday 2nd January 2024.