Are you showing signs of FOLO?

Are you showing signs of FOLO?

Do you find yourself hanging around at home, waiting for the sound of your intercom buzzer that heralds the arrival of your delivery? Does your finger hover over over the pause button on your remote, poised and ready to interrupt your viewing at the slightest hint that your order has arrived? Is your social schedule organised around the delivery window for your latest purchase? If the answer is an emphatic yes, then you might just have FOLO

What is FOLO?

FOLO is an acronym deriving from a condition called Fear Of Losing Orders. FOLO is exhibited by a cross-section of the adult population, but is particularly acute for apartment dwellers. FOLO presents as a feeling of nervous excitement whenever a new delivery is due to arrive. As the delivery window gets nearer, that initial excitement often makes way for a feeling of concern, triggered by the worry that the delivery might get missed. A missed delivery note exacerbates the situation and should always be avoided where possible.

It’s time to say Goodbye #FOLO

At Ring, we have been aware of this issue for some time and have been developing a solution that aims to remove even the most persistent symptoms of FOLO, forever. 

Ring Intercom is an easy to install upgrade for compatible intercoms, that allows apartment dwellers to speak to visitors and buzz them into their building using their smartphone. Once installed, Ring Intercom helps overcome feelings of FOLO by allowing the user to answer their intercom to delivery drivers from anywhere, so they can make sure they are there for every order, no matter where they are.

With Ring Intercom, you can say bye-bye to FOLO and hello to every delivery, right from your phone.