A season for star gazers

A season for star gazers

Experts predict that the Eta Aquariid meteor shower will arrive above the UK during April and May, bringing an awesome celestial spectacle. Predicted to fill the sky with up to 50 shooting stars every hour, this once-in-a-lifetime event offers Brits a unique opportunity to spot shooting stars from their homes. According to our research, a surprising 69% of Brits have never seen a shooting star, but hope to in their lifetime, so this could be the ideal chance to spot one.

Get your wishes ready

Making a wish upon a shooting star is an enduring tradition in the UK and in anticipation of the Eta Aquariid meteor shower, we conducted research to find out what Brits would wish for if they saw one. Top of the list for adults was a wish to be happy (46%), followed by owning a house (19%), travelling (18%) and finding love (17%). We also asked what their childhood wishes were. This revealed that the top childhood wishes included wanting to own a puppy (20%), having superpowers (20%), having a holiday (17%) and to become famous (15%).

Dave Ward, Managing Director EU & International at Ring told us “Wishes may change as we grow up, but everyone can appreciate the phenomenal beauty in seeing a meteor shower.” 

Spot a shooting star with Ring 

We want to make sure that Brits across the UK have the opportunity to witness their first ever shooting star. So we’re collaborating with the UK Fireball Alliance (UKFAll) and equipping the nation with 50 Stick Up Cam Pro and Battery Video Doorbell Pro devices. 

“Travelling at speeds of up to 70 km per second, meteors travel faster than any other objects in the sky. As a result, shooting stars are usually gone within a second. That’s why meteor showers like the Eta Aquariid are so special, offering lucky stargazers a rare chance to see a once in a lifetime event.” a spokesperson from the UK Fireball Alliance (UKFAll) told us.

The devices will be available to those in the best areas to view the shower, including Scotland, Exmoor and Northumberland. Featuring full HD Video and advanced motion detection, Ring Security Cameras are an ideal way to see what’s happening around your home, even after dark! 

“I’m glad Ring devices can play a small role in helping people capture and share these fascinating moments, and maybe even contribute toward scientific discoveries.” Dave Ward, continued.

From 9th April, those living in the top UK viewing areas for shooting stars can apply at https://ukfall.org.uk/get-involved/ring/ to receive Ring devices and support UKFAII in the study of astronomical activity in the UK.

If you have captured footage of any astronomical events on your Ring device please send to ukstories@ring.com or tag @ringUK with your video on Instagram.