18 Recipes To Keep Your Home Secure With Ring + IFTTT

18 Recipes To Keep Your Home Secure With Ring + IFTTT

Last December, we were very excited to announce our partnership with IFTTT. This allows you to connect your Ring device to dozens of other smart devices and software. But more importantly, Ring + IFTTT helps make your home and neighbourhood even more secure.

In the last few months, dozens of Ring recipes have already been shared on the IFTTT website. We curated the best Ring + IFTTT recipes for home security and are sharing them below.

Do you have any Ring + IFTTT recipes you really love? Please share them in the comments below!

#1 This recipe allows you to turn off your music when someone is at the door.  A great way to stay aware of who is at the front door whether you’re home or away.


#2 Great for the workplace, this recipe lets the general slack channel know when someone is at the front door.


#3 Make it appear that you’re home. This recipe turns on the lights when motion is detected at your front door.


#4 Keep a running log of the times and dates of when people come to your home or business.


#5 As an alternative of the above recipe, keep a visual record of when people arrive at your doorstep by marking the event in Google Calendar.


#6 Toggle the lights on/off when there is motion at your door.  Create more signals that you are at home and aware of a person at the door.


#7 Activate a particular bell or light source when the doorbell rings. Perhaps you want to activate different lights when you are away versus at home.


#8 Convenient for businesses, make an entry in a spreadsheet each time motion is detected at the front door.


#9 Receive a text when someone is at the door. You can also send a text to other family members, etc.


#10 Great for if you’re upstairs, downstairs, or out of earshot of the doorbell while watching TV at home, Ring will display a message on your Comcast connected television.


#11 Great for those who are deaf, have difficulty hearing, or out of earshot, the recipe flashes lights when the doorbell is pushed.


#12 Turn internal lights blue when someone is at your door with this recipe.


#13 Get a Pushover notification to all associated devices when someone rings your doorbell. You’ll stay aware of visitors regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.


#14 Let visitors believe you’re always home. This recipe turns on porch lights when the doorbell is activated.


#15 Good for a business promotion or way of informing neighbours who follow you on Twitter, the recipe posts to Twitter or sends a DM when your doorbell is activated.


#16 Know who is at the door even when your smartphone reception is poor. This recipe sends an email when the Ring Video Doorbell is activated.


#17 Ring can send a message to your BMW dashboard display. It’s convenient if you want to know of expected or unexpected visitors so you can alert family members, neighbours, etc.


#18 Ring maintains video with a Ring Protect Plan, but if you want a video saved elsewhere, this recipe records interactions to Homeboy when the doorbell is activated.


Do you use any of these Ring Recipes? Or do you have some of your own to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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