SliderCuts – Mark Maciver 

Mark Maciver, aka SliderCuts, is an award-winning barber, author, speaker, and the owner of East London Owned barbershop SliderCuts on Hackney Road.

With over 173k followers on Instagram, Mark has built a highly recognisable brand that has stretched his reach and impact far beyond the barbering industry and made him a trusted figure within the wider community. His runner scheme, aimed at those aged 13 - 16 years old, supports young people by giving them the opportunity to work in a positive environment under the guidance and mentorship of Mark and the SliderCuts team.

He is also the author of Shaping Up Culture, a book where he shares key business insights and equips small businesses, his community and the younger generation with the expertise and self-belief they need to flourish and succeed.

Mark’s passion, drive and diligence have allowed him to not only build a successful business but to also become a role model to many.