Sun’s out, sales on!

Sun’s out, sales on!
Secure your home for the holidays with big savings in our summer sale.

Deals for your door

Get set for the summer, starting at your front door, with a Ring Video Doorbell. Whether you’re hanging out at home for the holidays or seeking some sun by the sea, you can relax knowing that you can answer your door from anywhere with a Ring Video Doorbell. From the wireless versatility of the rechargeable Video Doorbell (2nd Gen), to the non-stop power and high definition protection offered by Video Doorbell Pro 2, there’s a Ring Video Doorbell to suit your home.

For those of you who want the very best in wireless front door protection, we are also including Battery Video Doorbell Plus in this limited-time sale. Battery Video Doorbell Plus is our first battery-powered Video Doorbell to come equipped with 1536p HD Video and Head-To-Toe View to ensure you never miss a visitor or package delivery.

Save 35% on Video Doorbell (2nd Gen), now only £64.99!
Save 14% on Video Doorbell 4, now only £119.99!
Save 19% on Battery Video Doorbell Plus, now only £129.99!
Save 23% on Video Doorbell Pro 2, now only £169.99!
Save 17% on Door View Cam, now only £99.99!

Summer security savings

Beach break, hiking holiday or simply living it up locally - see what’s happening at home from wherever you spend your summer with a Ring Security Camera. Busy barbecuing? Keep an eye on what your pets are up to indoors with the tiny but mighty Indoor Cam. Wondering what’s happening while you’re away? Check what’s going on, day or night, with a Spotlight Cam, Floodlight Cam or the versatile Stick Up Cam, which can be installed almost anywhere outdoors. Indoor, outdoor, battery or wired, there’s a Ring Security Camera to suit your situation and right now, you can get them for less in the Ring summer sale.

Save 30% on Indoor Cam, now only £34.99!
Save 33% on Stick Up Cam, now only £59.99!
Save 20% on Spotlight Cam Plus, now only £119.99!
Save 20% on Spotlight Cam Pro, now only £159.99!
Save 28% on Floodlight Cam Wired Plus, now only £129.99!
Save 23% on Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, now only £169.99!

Save even more value with a 2-Pack!
Save 35% on 2-Pack Indoor Cam, now only £64.98!
Save 39% on 2-Pack Stick Up Cam, now only £109.98!

Offers on whole-home protection

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that whether you’re popping out to the park or seeking adventures abroad, your whole-home is protected with Ring Alarm. An affordable DIY home security system, Ring Alarm is easy to install, simple to set up and comes with everything you need to secure your home for the holidays. Simply plug in the Base Station, connect to the Ring app and place the Motion Detectors and Contact Sensors wherever you need them and you’ll get a notification the moment motion is detected or a window or door is opened. With options available for homes big and small, you’ll find your ideal Ring Alarm system in our latest sale.

Save 27% on Ring Alarm, now only £159.99!

Right now you can save even more when you add an Indoor Cam, which lets you see what’s happening if your Alarm is triggered while you’re away.
Save 41% on Ring Alarm + Indoor Cam, now only £159.98!

Big discounts for apartment-dwellers

If you live in an apartment then we have some great summer deals for you too. Ring Intercom is an upgrade for compatible intercom systems, that lets you speak to visitors to your building and buzz them in using your smartphone. So whether you’re on a vacation or staycation, you can answer your intercom from wherever you are with Ring Intercom.

Save 50% on Ring Intercom, now only £49.99!

Enjoy even more savings and keep your Ring Intercom powered up around the clock with an extra Quick Release Battery Pack, see visitors and packages arrive at your door when you add a Door View Cam, or check what’s happening around your apartment with an Indoor Cam. Get big savings on all these and more in the Ring summer sale.

Save 40% on Ring Intercom + Quick Release Battery Pack, now only £74.98!
Save 33% on Ring Intercom + Quick Release Battery Pack + Charging Station, now only £100.97!
Save 33% on Ring Intercom + Indoor Cam, now only £99.98!
Save 23% on Ring Intercom + Door View Cam, now only £169.98!

Get set. Protect. Relax

Secure your home in time for summer and achieve holiday harmony in our limited-time sale.

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Our summer sale runs from the 24th May to the 5th June, 2023.